Caloric Requirements

Eating lunch, I was curious what my actual caloric requirements were. USDA uses 2000 kcal as an average on packaging, but that stuck me as high. So I looked up some equations and whipped up this calculator. It's really slapped-together so doesn't have validation or anything.

Keep in mind these should be caloric requirements to maintain current weight, without exercise. So since I want to lose weight, I should certainly not eat any more than this, probably less, and get some exercise as well.

I got the equations from this clunky website, but they seemed legit and I was too lazy to dig around. Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, and there's a good chance the math here is outdated or wrong. =)

Enter Data kg (or use lbs) cm (or use ft in) years %


Basal Metabolic Rate (Harris-Benedict formula, 1919)

Basal Metabolic Rate (Cunningham formula, 1980)

Actual Energy Expenditure (Long et al, 1979)

Resting Energy Expenditure (Barak et al, 2003)